Meet Our Team: Kay Cannon

Some may know her as a writer and producer for the hit TV show 30 Rock, others as the creator of the hugely successful Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 movies. Steps of Faith is lucky to know her as a friend, supporter and board member. 

Executive Director Billy Brimblecom Jr. and Cannon go back as friends for years. When Kay heard about Billy's Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis, which lead to his leg being amputated, she was part of the group of friends who rallied around him. Together, the group put on a fundraiser show and were able to raise the money for the prosthetic limb he needed. Years later, as Steps of Faith came to be, Kay would also be one of the first to lend her name and talents to the organization, and after one of it's first fundraising events, joined the board.


SOF: Why is helping amputees in need an important cause for you? 

Cannon: It was initially important to me on a personal level, because a good friend of mine (Billy) lost his leg. I could see first-hand how the loss of a limb negatively impacted his life and how much he desperately needed that prosthetic. And then, once I saw first-hand how helping amputees - total strangers - get a prosthetic and how that positively impacted their lives and the lives of their families - well, it was easy to make it important.

SOF: What made you want to join the Board of Directors for Steps of Faith? 

Cannon: I so believe in the cause.  I could see the good Steps of Faith was doing and wanted to be a part of that. 

SOF: In becoming familiar with Steps of Faith’s mission and the patients we help, what surprised you the most?

Cannon: The emotional component.  To see someone walk again - who hasn't walked in ten years - it's a beautiful thing.

SOF: What’s the unique perspective or offering you bring to Steps of Faith?  

Cannon: I think I know how to spread the word. To host events that use comedy to inform/educate people is what I'm bringing to the table. 

In fact, Kay is doing just that this weekend at the Laughs For Limbs Chicago event, Saturday April 30th at the iO Theater at 6pm. The comedy show, includes an all-star lineup, as well as an after-party (details TBA at the show) and silent auction. Tickets are available HERE

Find out what else Kay is up to by following her on Twitter @KayKayCannon or see her work this fall when her new show Girl Boss premiers on Netflix.