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Steps of Faith helps uninsured and under-insured amputees get the prosthetics limbs they desperately need to restore their livelihood. We find prosthetists to donate their time to help our patients, and we raise money to cover the cost of prosthetic limbs. 

So often we hear of new amputees stuck in a catch 22. They need to get back to work in order to buy a new limb but they need a new limb before they get back to work. We want to end that catch 22. 

Apply for our financial assistance

Step 1: Download and print the Client Eligibility Application

Step 2: Fill it out completely
Step 3: Scan and email to


Mail the application to:

Steps of Faith Foundation
P.O. Box 111625
Nashville, TN 37222

If you or someone you know does not have access to a printer, call us at 615-426-6034.