JP’s life was forever changed in a single moment when he was hit head on by a drunk driver. While he miraculously survived the accident even after being pronounced dead at the scene, he wasn’t emotionally or financially prepared for what would come next, including the loss of his right leg. After losing his job and his insurance following months of recovery, JP reached out and we helped connect him to the resources he needed for a prosthetic leg. Not only was he able to stand and walk again, he was also able to find a new sense of purpose as an active and contributing member of society.

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Jerry, an amputee from Kansas, was really in a dangerous scenario. After losing a leg in an accident he was no longer able to work at his job. With no insurance and no income, Jerry ended up homeless. Jerry was without a leg and unable to walk for over a year and a half. With our help, he was able to meet with one of our prosthetist partners in Olathe, KS and was fitted for a brand new limb, which in Jerry’s own words, “gave me my life back”.  Jerry is now back to work, on Medicaid, and out of a shelter and into a new home. 

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On July 4th 2014 Abby and her fiancé were in a motorcycle accident. As a result Abby lost her right leg below the knee and tragically, her fiancé lost his life. Abby found herself unable to work and struggling to take care of, and enjoy the simple pleasures of raising her young daughter. Steps of Faith got her back on her feet, back to work and able to overcome any possible limitations she would have faced keeping up with an active, growing child. In a beautiful twist of fate, Abby welcomed her second child on July 4th 2016.


In 2014 undiagnosed diabetes caused the loss of Brad’s right leg. Without insurance Brad found himself in a wheelchair. Steps of Faith was contacted and able to help. As owner of a Private Investigative and Protection firm he was no longer able to participate in training and fieldwork.  Brad was so determined to get on his feet, the day he received his prosthetic he forewent the aid of a walker or cane walked out of the office unassisted-a rare accomplishment. Today Brad is back in the field and has made it his mission to give back to the community.  In addition to putting a volunteer program into his business model, 20 of his 55 staff members are faced with disabilities. Steps of Faith restored Brad’s purpose, and now he does the same for other who find themselves faced with similar challenges.


Daina is a survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. This horrific act of terrorism took her mother, two children, and her leg. 20 years later, Daina was in desperate need of a new prosthesis, and no way to pay for one. We were able to take care of her in Nashville, and get her walking comfortably and confidently once again. Daina is an inspiration and example of true resilience. See more about Daina’s story here.

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Jon Michael 

In 2008 Jon Michael was in an accident where he lost his right leg below knee. While Jon Michael received a leg immediately following his accident, a welder and bridge builder by trade, he was unable to work and lost his insurance. In 2015 Jon Michael found himself unable to consistently work due to the demands of his profession and the low quality of his prosthesis.  Steps of Faith was contacted and were able to outfit Jon Michael with a prosthesis that allowed him to sustain the difficult work of being on his feet for extended periods as a welder. Within a month he found an amazing job that includes full benefits for future needs associated with his prosthesis. In addition to returning to work he also just trained for a marathon and crossed the finish line.