Tyson Berndt


Tyson is a devout Kansas City native who currently resides in the Oklahoma City area where he works as a geologist for Chesapeake Energy. Prior to working in the energy industry, Tyson was employed as a residential remodeler and carpenter and had the pleasure of updating and refurbishing many unique homes in the Kansas City area. However, his love for science and the outdoors ultimately set him on his path to becoming a geologist. Through his studies he has been afforded the opportunity to live, work, or travel to geologic locales in California, Colorado, New Mexico, South Carolina, Wyoming, Idaho, Texas, Montana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Oregon and Washington.

While living in Montana his wife introduced him to Eagle Mount Bozeman, a non-profit program that provides therapeutic recreational opportunities to people with disabilities. It was here where he learned how impactful volunteer work could be on a person’s well-being, and how important inclusivity is to those so often marginalized. He hopes to continue those efforts with Steps of Faith.